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The Bald Eagles of Manassas, Virginia

When the bald eagles first came, there were trees all around, and the traffic at the Manassas Regional Airport was light. The eagles built their nest on a tall tree in the woods, adjacent to the airport. They raised their young ones and their life went on. And then came the the industrial parks, the warehouses, and the Gateway Boulevard. The trees were cut down to make room for new development. Now, the parking lot of a large, newly constructed building extends to the base of the tree housing the eagle nest. The eagles' well-being is now threatened more than ever. But the eagles came back to breed again, and in the spring of 2017, there are two healthy eaglets in the nest.

The eagle lovers of the region voice their concerns about this habitat destruction through several media, such as dedicated Facebook pages, websites, and media reporting. It is understandable that there is a high demand for the photographs of these amazing birds and their daily activities. But, please note these photographs are copyrighted, and you may not copy these photographs. If you like to get copies of these photographs, please contact me.

A newly constructed building stands very close to the eagle's nest, just a few feet away.